12" Travel Friendly Folding Magnetic Chess Board Set with Storage

12" Travel Friendly Folding Magnetic Chess Board Set with Storage

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Magnetic Travel Chess Set in Golden Rosewood, and the grains can be seen even in images. Every Chess piece fits into the special Insert made according to the shape of the chess pieces. The Insert is made of EP Foam specially meant to protect pieces. High-powered magnets have been inserted inside the chess pieces by drilling holes in every chess piece. The strong magnet power doesn't let the chess piece fall even if the box is held in an upside-down position.

Size (when Flat) 12" x 12" (35.5cm x 35.5 cm)
Thickness of Closed Chess Box 2.2" (5.7 cm)
Total Weight 1250 g
Square Size 1.25" (32mm)
Size of Chess Pieces King Height- 2.4" (60 mm) Base- 0.8" (22 mm)
Dark Side Chess Pieces Bud Rosewood
Light Side Chess Pieces Boxwood
Polish Glossy Lacquered
Basepad Material Billiard Cloth
32 Magnetic Chess Pieces + 2 Extra Queens
Chess Board/Box
Category Chess Set
Type Magnetic
Style Folding
Note: all the items are photographed up close and personal so that you can see their beautiful details. Some things may appear larger than the actual size, so please check the measurements carefully to avoid confusion. Please note that this is a handmade item, so the final weight of the board can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%. 

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