Tournament Sheesham Chessboard

Tournament Sheesham Chessboard

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This striking wood board with real Sheesham and Maple wood squares is a solid choice to pair with your favorite chessmen. It's large and impressive! The wooden chess boards are of Heirloom quality and may be passed over to different generations. 

Board Finish  Lacquered
Material(s)  Golden Rosewood, Maple Wood
Folding Board  No
Available in Square Sizes  1.73'' inch / 4.4 cm
Chess Board Height  0.85" inches
Chess Board Footprint  17" x 17" (43 cm x 43 cm)
Chess Pieces included  NO
Board Weight  2800 grams

Please note that the weight in the set is added manually so the final weight of the set can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%. 

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