Taj Series Weighted Rosewood Chess Pieces

Taj Series Weighted Rosewood Chess Pieces

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This is an exquisite design featuring the magnificently robust and prepossessing knight.   The set comes with free extra queens for effortless pawn promotion. All chess pieces are expertly carved and weighted for fantastic hand-feel and a very nice thud on the wooden chessboard. King, Queens, Bishops, and Pawns have unique rings, and thick green felts, which precisely envelop the base of each chessman for smooth movement on the chessboard. The knights are well-crafted and reflect the highest grade of knight carving skills that our Indian artisans have to offer. All chess pieces have an elegant visual appeal that blends well for permanent display on a cocktail table or any contemporary home.

Please note that the weight in the set is added manually, so the final weight of the set can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%.

Material  Indian Rosewood: Boxwood
King Height   ~3.75 Inches
King Base Diameter  ~1.5 Inches
King Weight  ~60 grams
Set Median Weight  ~1200 grams
Chess Board Included?  NO. Must be purchased separately
Recommended Board Size  (1.7"- 1.9")/(45mm - 50 mm) sq. 
Weighting  Weighted
Basepad Material  Billiard Cloth
Total Number of Pieces  34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)
Chess Box Included?  Shipped in a Plastic Box. No Additional Charge. Wooden or Leather Boxes can be purchased from Storage Section.

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