Leather Chessboard

Leather Chessboard

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Chess board 8 colors unique embossed design leather table game portable universal luxury knight chess intellectual competitive toy gift

Name: Advanced chess board
Color: dark blue, coffee, yellow, gray, khaki, light blue, orange, reddish brown
Size: 33x33 cm/ 13x13 Inches
Style: Universal
Grid: 8*8

Square size: 1.5 Inches
Material: leather
Weight: 0.3kg

Feature 1: Metal protection
Feature 2: Waterproof
Feature 3: Resistance to friction
Feature 4: Strong flexibility
Feature 5: Present a beautiful bracelet
Uses: table games, gifts,

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Gift box packaging + retro bracelet

Note: The chess pieces shown in our pictures are just decorations, there are no chess pieces in the package!

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