Classic -Staunton Burnt Wooden Chess Pieces

Classic -Staunton Burnt Wooden Chess Pieces

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Chess'n'Boards''s Unique, Iconic, beautiful work of An exact reproduction of the most popular Chessmen used at tournaments and Chess Clubs in the United States in Glossy Lacquer Finish. Our top Indian craftsmen handcraft this product, then stain and polish it for a refined finish that any chess enthusiast will enjoy. As with all of our Chess sets, the Club Series Chessmen exemplify a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality. It has been designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining an elegance that has become the hallmark of a Chess'n'Boards's chess set. This set's design, quality, and craftsmanship are UNMATCHED by any set of Chessmen in its price range. Nothing even comes close! 

Material  Burnt Boxwood
Polish  Fine Glossy
King Height  4.1 Inches
King Base Diameter 1.75 Inches
King Weight  ~55 Grams
Set Median Weight  ~1100 Grams
Chess Board Included?  NO. Must be purchased separately
Recommended Board Size  2"- 2.25"/ 50 mm - 55 mm per sq. 
Weighting Weighted
Basepad Material Billiard Cloth
Total Number of Pieces 34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)
Chess Box Included? Shipped in a Plastic Box. No Additional Charge. Wooden or Leather Boxes can be purchased from Storage Section.

Please note that the weight in the set is added manually so the final weight of the set can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%. Note: Burning black is not consistent; hence shall not be misunderstood as imperfection. 

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Customer Reviews

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I would give 10 stars, if I could!

I purchased this set, along with the Leatherette Chess Set Storage Box as a gift for an Chess lover and avid player. Both are absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship and quality are unmatched. ChessnBoards customer service is top notch. Not knowing the first thing about Chess, I reached out to them for assistance in picking out a set. They were quick to respond and went above and beyond in helping me choose the perfect gift. I can't thank them enough!

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