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    This is our collection of authentic ebony chess pieces. Ebony is one of the hardest woods in the world and it polishes to a beautiful shiny obsidian black with no visible grain. Ebony is exceptionally heavy and is so dense that it actually sinks in water. Ebony has been the wood used for the black pieces for centuries because of its natural black color and heavy weight but it's also one of the most expensive woods because of the slow growth of the trees and limited availability.

    Our high quality ebony chess sets are all handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen one piece at a time using lathes and special turning tools. The knights are hand carved one knight at a time using a variety of different tools to achieve the detail added to each piece. All pieces are then carefully sanded, polished, and lacquered. Weights are added to the base for stability and balance and a thick green baize pad is added for a soft feel on the chess board. Every set includes spare queens for pawn promotion and a certificate of authentication so you always know exactly what your chess set is, when it was made, and where it came from.

    Get small, weighted, and heavy wooden chess pieces at Chess'n'Boards. Our carefully crafted pieces are perfect for any chess enthusiast. Enhance your game with our quality selection of wooden chess pieces.

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