Chinese Checkers Game Set

Chinese Checkers Game Set

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MADE OF REAL WOOD – Each set is hand-crafted of real Sheesham/ Golden Rosewood wood with a smooth finish for a great game that is not only fun to play, but beautiful to display

FUN AND EASY TO USE – The Chinese Checkers Game Set is easy and fun to use. Up to six players can play simultaneously, making this a great classic game for family gatherings and parties It is made of natural wood and Non-toxic paint, with round edges with no sharpness. Expertly drilled holes ensure the checker has a snug fit, and solid construction. A classic, easy-to-learn game for kids and adults alike, no batteries required! The product has plastic beads

SUITABLE FOR - Suitable for ages 6 years plus kids and adults, perfect for home playing and traveling. Specifications Play with all six players or just two on this traditional Chinese checkerboard. Great as a coffee table game. Created from locally sourced hard maple wood.

The Chinese Checkers Game Set is a classic, easy-to-play game for the whole family. Made of real wood, and with colorful plastic beads, this is the perfect game for family gatherings, game nights,s or rainy days How to play it?

The rules of Chinese checkers are a classic board game for 2, 3, 4, or 6 players. Each player has ten pegs of one color at one starting point of the star. The objective of this game is to occupy the star point directly opposite. The first player to accomplish this is a winner. Each player moves, in turn, (in this implementation clockwise. A move consists of placing a peg into one of the adjacent holes or jumping over any other peg into a hole beyond. The direction of the movie has to be one of the following: left/right, forward left/right, backward left/right in a player's direction of play. Only one move is permitted at a time, except when jumping.

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